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Replacing Old Beds

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All septic beds have a finite lifetime before replacement is necessary.  This bed was more than 20 years old. 

When a bed no longer operates as designed there is no small repair that will solve the problem.  The bed needs to be re-dug, new gravel and drainage runs must be replaced.  The pictures gallery below are a brief step by step from digging up of the old bed to replacement of grass over the filter bed.

Over time biomatter has plugged and stopped the sand bed from allowing water to leach away.
Sludge build up within the pipes and drainage runs is just another reason that existing beds should not be "tuned up" but replaced.
Six inches of 3/4" gravel are filed into a trench and leveled.
Runs are checked for level and covered with 3/4" gravel.
After the bed has been inspected filter cloth is placed over the runs and  the trenches are refilled.
There's more than a bit of mess when things are done.
However it doesn't take long to smooth things over, add some topsoil and re-seed or lay sod over the bed when we're done.

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