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Peat Filter Septic System

Septic - peat filterDescription: There are several patented peat filter systems available. A peat filter system consists of a bottomless, fiberglass shell containing a specially treated, peat-based leaching bed which treats wastewater.

This compact design makes the system well suited to lots with insufficient space for conventional treatment trenches.


  • Septic tank required.
  • Fiberglass shell measures 4.0 m by 2.2 m and 1.34 m in height.
  • The unit is installed on a minimum 200 mm bed of clean crushed stone (i.e. 15 - 60 mm diameter) which varies between 24 m2 -56 m2 per shell. The stone bed is underlain with a filter cloth over 300 mm bed of clean coarse sand.
  • Wastewater from the septic tank is sent to the distribution unit which provides even distribution over the peat filter surface. After percolating through the filter, wastewater exits the bottom of the shell and infiltrates the soil through the crushed stone bedding.
  • The peat filter material must be replaced, on average, every eight years.

We do not construct peat systems but can recommend local contractors should the space available for your septic system be limited.

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