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Because we are the first contractor you contact and because many of our clients ask us for help to find other trades we have created a partial list of area contractors and services for you.

The list below includes several but by no means all of our most reputable tradesmen and services within the Carling area:

Click on the trade you are looking to find your listing quickly.




  •  Graziotto Electric
    Contact:  Brian Graziotto
    Phone:    705-342-9071

  •  Kingston Electric
    Contact:  Dan Kingston
    Phone:    705-342-7373


  • Holm Construction
    Contact:  Rod Holm
    Phone:    705-342-
  •  Schneider Custom Building
    Contact:  Larry Schneider
    Phone:    705-342-7895

  • Bowman Custom Building
    Contact:  Ron Bowman
    Phone:    705-342-5792
  • Christenson Construction
    Contact: Ken Christenson
    Phone:  705-342-1461
  • Everite Windows & Renovation
    Contact: Tim Virtanen
    Phone: 705-342-1500
  • Pine Ridge Custom Building
    Contact: Paul Lubbelinkhof
    Phone: 705-342-9314
  • Davidson Contracting
    Contact: David Hames
    Phone: 705-342-5167
  • Quinn Construction
    Contact: Rick Quinn
    Phone: 705-746-9659
  • Island Contracting
    Contact: Doug Gibbon
    Phone: 705-342-1175
  • Handyman Service
    Contact: Jerry Dixon
    Phone: 705-342-1288


  • Felsman Masonry
    Contact: Larry Felsman
    Phone: 705-746-5519
  • Jacobson Masonry
    Contact: Garry Jacobson
    Phone: 705-746-1523
  • Villeneuve Masonry
    Contact: Kirby Villeneuve
    Phone: 705-342-5123
  • Hamilton Masonry
    Contact: Roger Hamilton
    Phone: 705-746-1562
  • Hunter Masonry
    Contact: Dave Hunter
    Phone: 705-746-4952


  • Ryman Plumbing
    Contact: Peter Ryman
    Phone: 705-342-1392
  • McGill Plumbing
    Contact: Dave McGill
    Phone: 705-746-6992


Heavy Equipment & Diesel Service

  • WOSSCO - Diesel Power
    1 Woods Road Parry Sound Industrial Park
    Contact: Joe Balogh
    Phone:   705-342-7710
    FAX:      705-342-7712


  • Zeke's Mobile Truck Repair
    Contact: Jeff Morden
    Phone: 705-342-7289
    Cell:    705-773-8807


Alternative Energy & Backup Generators


Home Contact Us Service Area Equipment Materials Contents

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